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I wrote that in 2004, it is now 2014!

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Additional Tales from the Bush

March 2014

Well, we have finally recovered the site after a hacker took control on April Fools day 2006!

Welcome back!

The site has just been re-gained so please give me a few weeks for recovery.  Speaking of recovery, BelizeHank is going "under the knife" soon to have a "reverse-shoulder" operation, replacing his human right shoulder parts with plastic and steel!

August, 2004

The Butterflies of Sumatra Galleries have been updated.  Roger Grund of Australia has provided corrected ID's and new ID's for many of the butterflies.

The Images of Belize Gallery has been completely redone with new images.

June, 2004

BelizeHank is back in the U.S. after 3 years in Indonesia.  Our elephant project,

"BelizeHank and Susan Mikota DVM in Sumatra caring for "Pocket Elephants"
Elephant Care International"

was thwarted by 'unknown' persons who complained to Indonesian Immigration after we disclosed that 85% of elephant captured by the government in one province had died.  Previously, Indonesians had claimed one of the world's best records in elephant captures, admitting only two deaths out of an initial 500+ elephants captured.

Immigration harassment began with a surprise visit, followed by 3 hours of questioning "downtown" and several follow-up days of continued problems and trips "downtown".  It soon became apparent that we were facing jail or extortion - so with our WWF-Indonesia sponsor, we drove 15 hours to another city and took the 1st plane out - destination not important.  The U.S. Embassy said we definitely did the right thing - they spend much of their time trying to get U.S. citizens out of Indonesian jails.

Site Map now online

This Site Published
December 20, 1999

Major update January, 2002
small update July, 2002
medium update Mar, 2003
small update June, 2004
small update August, 2004
And now it is 2014 - More coming!

OK, I will try to get the following up by December, 2014...

Hazards of the Bush
Faulty Fears

Designed for reality,
not sensationalism,
this will be a series of factual articles, images, and links on the oft-mentioned "tourist-terrors"...
Vampire Bats
 (and other vector-diseases).
BelizeHank's real-life experiences
will supplement the information.

Advance Notice:
As a tourist, your experiences will not resemble those of BelizeHank, who has lived a very simple life in the bush of Belize, far from tourist destinations.
Come to Belize - you will almost definitely not encounter any of the above...but, do stay tuned so
you will learn what precautions
you should take.

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  More tales from the Bush


Bat Stories

Fer de Lance

Grand Meal



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