.He was easily the most
unpretentious person I ever met



Charles could be enigmatic -

Most would consider him to have been a leading environmentalist, yet, he boasted of offering Sharon Matola (founder of the Belize Zoo) freshly roasted keel- billed toucan (the national bird of Belize!).  He pleaded self-defense - they were eating his rare fruits!

He was very generous with favors to his Maya friends, yet often in debt to neighbors. 

His greatest complaint - The U.S. Surgeon General had assured him, so he thought, that anyone who drank and smoked as he did, would die young - so Charles had no retirement funding and worked until his death at 83.

Charles Wright c Tony Rath

Charles once told me...

"Hank, I have accumulated too
 much, my possessions will no
longer fit into 3 suitcases!"

Here is Will's tribute...
-Will Heyman

William D. Heyman
The Nature Conservancy 
Marine Projects Coordinator
62 Front Street
Punta Gorda, Belize

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