Schippia concolor - genus of one species endemic to Belize

Schippia concolor - genus of one species endemic to Belize

Lethal Yellowing
in Belize

As of August, 1999, lethal yellowing was continuing its steady march southward in Belize.  I am not aware of the situation in
Cayo. Dangriga has been devastated.
The Hummingbird Highway region also.    Back along the coast, Hopkins and Sittee have been hit hard.  The Placencia peninsula  has not been seriously affected, yet.

Interestingly, though I believe they were seriously damaged in Florida, Veithchia merillii  the "dwarf royal" does not seem to be affected here, even when proximate to dead coconut palms. Have I misidentified it?
Or, is ours a slightly different variety?
OK experts, any answers,
possibilities of resistance?

Technical Comments

Field Guide to the
of the Americas

This has been a fantastic book for me. Excellent descriptions and well organized keys to identification.

I believe that there are at least 3 species of palms occurring in Belize that are not listed as such in their checklist.

Reinhardtia simplex - found by me
and earlier by Charles Wright 
along the Rio Grande near Big Falls

Chamaedorea arenbergiana - reported
to be in abundance near Mabil Ha by Charles Wright

Colpothrinax cookii - reported by
Alfredo Sho as being near San Jose

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