Butterflies of Sumatra

Sumatran Butterflies Gallery 3
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Identifications should be treated cautiously  I have limited resources for ID.
Note: Many thanks to Roger Grund of Australia for providing new and corrected ID's.   See Background.



 Iambrix stellifer Banded Demon Notocrypta paralysos   Nigger
Orsotriaena medus
(I do not
name them!)
Mycalesis mineus Ypthima baldus

Elymnias hypermnestra
(blue on back)
Ragadia makuta crisia Mycalesis sp Ypthima horsfieldii (baldus)
Common Five-ring
Common Faun Faunis canens
dark orange-brown dorsally
Arphola sp nr athada

 prob Zizina otis female Cycad Blue
Lampides boeticus male
Cycad Blue
Lampides boeticus
 Common Caerulean
Jamides pura
poss celeno
poss Celastrina puspa  Autumn Leaf
Doleschallia bisaltide

Autumn Leaf
Doleschallia bisaltide

 Autumn Leaf
Doleschallia bisaltide
Amathusia sp Amathusia prob phidippus 
poss schoenbergi
Amathusia prob phidippus  poss schoenbergi Thaumantis prob noureddin male

Cupha erymanthis

Vindula dejone

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