Butterflies of Sumatra

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Identifications should be treated cautiously  I have limited resources for ID.
Note: Many thanks to Roger Grund of Australia for providing new and corrected ID's.   See Background.



Fivebar Swordtail Pathysa antiphates
on elephant dung
male Archduke Lexias pardalis poss cyanipardus female Archduke Lexias pardalis poss cyanipardus   Tanaecia cocytina Great Jay
Graphium doson poss eurypylus
Graphium evemon

Tailed Jay
Graphium agamemnon
on elephant dung
Blue Triangle or Common Bluebottle Graphium sarpedon
on elephant dung
Papilio helenus Papilio polytes with Pathysa antiphates on elephant dung Pachliopta aristolochiae Papilio memnon male poss

Papilio polytes
on elephant dung
Papilio polytes
Papilio nephelus
Junonia  (Precis) atlites
 Dophla evelina ssp laudabilis Malay Baron
Euthalia monina
      DNote: Compare Tanaecia palguna and pelea and Euthalia monina

Malay Viscount
Tanaecia pelea

Junonia iphita        


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