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White-collared Manakins

sunrise PG

If you ever see the white-collared manakin dancing on his lek,
you will never forget it.  You will almost definitely hear it before seeing it.
A most complex social behavior, the male manakin clears a small area of rainforest floor,
about 3-6 square feet, leaving 3 to 4 small vertical saplings.  He then jumps / flies very rapidly from stem to stem,
making a sharp cracking sound with his wings during each transit.  In addition, he makes a loud insect-like buzzing sound. 
He competes with other males nearby for male supremacy and the right to mate with the females. 

This competition between males continues virtually year round, even when females are not present. 
Some species of manakin cooperate and dance in teams.  Male manakins may only leave their leks to feed on small fruits.

(once again, see
"My Recommended Books", A Neotropical Companion, John Kricher -
an excellent resource for understanding tropical behavior)


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