Schippia concolor - genus of one species endemic to Belize

Schippia concolor - genus of one species endemic to Belize

Living Palm Museum

I have a vision. Many obstacles to overcome. But,
would you find it interesting to be able to visit a botanical garden
with a large variety of mature living palm specimens, and on-site examples of
the many uses of these palms created by indigenous craftspersons from the palms' origins.

(example - mats, hammocks, baskets, and wine made from the
buriti palm (Mauritia flexuosa) in its Brazilian homeland)
Especially, as quantities of raw material might allow (from palms on site) such peoples could
be brought in to construct their typical dwellings using their traditional palm materials
for walls, flooring, and roof thatch.  Optimally, these structures could be available
to our guests, wherein they could savor a unique and rustic experience.
Additionally, the smaller world class handicrafts made onsite could be
sold to defray museum expenses and to benefit rainforest peoples.


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