Rainforest Jewelry

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(see Tales from the Bush for the tragic story)
Bone, Antique Whip Leather Collected in Guatemala

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"Sex Can Be a Thorny Issue"
Bamboo, African Beads

Acacia Thorn on Calabash,
Coconut Shell


Turkana Wrist Knife, Antique Whip Leather



mahogany seed pod, inner tree bark,
cat's claw pods, carved stone...

Turkana Finger Knife, Copper, Coconut Shell

Butterfly Wing Scale Pattern Carved in Ebony, Tropical Seeds

Cohune Palm Nut on Bamboo

Carved Stone, Inner Tree Bark, Copper


Another Butterfly Wing Scale Pattern Carved in Ebony

Calabash, Leather, Rosewood

Mahogany Seed Pod, Carved Stone

Tropical Seeds and Carved Wood

Seeds of Seduction

"Seeds of  Seduction"

Tropical Vine Seed

Abalone, Ebony, and Calabash


Calabash, Copper

Shaped River Stone

Bamboo Joint

Shaped River Stone

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