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Blue Morpho

View from Cecropia Camp


Passiflora urbaniana

Passion Fruit


Passion Fruit

local heliconia

Prayer to Gaia.
Banana blossom

 Cecropia camp 180 x 142.gif (23263 bytes)            Cecropia Camp
Andres Tot and Maya family

Cecropia Camp Re-built
after Hurricane Iris

ladder to loft

Our bathing stream

kitchen/dining area below

 Do Not Fear Tarantulas

Vampire bat bite on my ear -
never felt a thing!

Base of termite nest that
encompassed four
 96 quart ice chests


Are there bugs?

Recidivid bug that causes
Chagas disease

What will this become!

Friendly vine snake

Strangler Fig



Coral Hibiscus
Coral Hibiscus

Maya Gold Heliconia

Scene @ Cockscomb Basin
Jaguar Preserve

Waterfall @
Jaguar Preserve

Green sea turtles to mkt
Green Sea Turtles
Punta Gorda - see here for story

What Punta Gorda
Does Not Look Like

cayuris.jpg (25269 bytes)
Punta Gorda Vista

This is Punta Gorda


No, this image is not from Belize, but,
if you like my photos check out my new site

Thatching My Original Roof

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