Falls in Bladen
Triple falls "discovered" during my charter flight (at the headwaters of the Bladen River in the Maya Mountains) - the Belize pilot of 35 years had never seen these.

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In late 1989 I bought 30 acres
near the Ke'kchi (Maya) community of
Big Falls Village, Belize.
property, "Heliconia Haven", is
adjacent to the Rio Grande River
and is a long and narrow thirty acres
with four hills and two streams.

In 1995,  with considerable Maya
help,  I built Cecropia Camp, a thatched roof house of my design. 
All posts, poles, tie vines and rafters came from the"bush" and the palm thatch from the property.  After collecting materials for one week, we completed the actual construction of the framing and roof in 5 days.  See "Maya page 3" under "Cultures of Belize" for an image.

The framing and roofing is held
together with vines.  Later, I bought yemeri lumber for the walls and decking and did that phase myself with "traditional" hammer and nails.

I have been pleased with the  design, with only one closed 9x13 ft. room. The open deck area is 12x13 ft. and is about 10' above ground.

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Construction  Detail


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