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froggie btn.gif (1909 bytes)  ...early in life my
fourth grade teacher taught me to
love reading by ascertaining my
interests and offering relevant books.  My passion for explorers, naturalists and  tropical rainforests was born.
 I relished the stories of Jim Bridger, Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace, Alexander von Humboldt,
John Lloyd Stephens, Sprague,
Henry Bates,  and others.

I studied Spanish in high school and
in 1965 lived for the summer in Ibague, Colombia.  In college, my degree was
in International Trade and Finance
with a specialization in Latin America.

I first passed through the then tiny
Belize airport in 1982, on a business
trip to Panama, Colombia, and Venezuela.  The airport was ringed
with manned machine-gun bunkers
and helicopter gunships because of a long-running dispute with Guatemala.
(Guatemala claimed Belize)

I vacationed in Belize in 1986
and fell in love with the southern
rainforest. I then made several
trips to the Toledo District.

In 1989, I chartered a plane and
explored all of southern Belize. 
I wanted a solid perspective of
the geography and was looking
for a piece of "high bush"
that was not adjacent to any
banana plantations (to avoid
deadly pollutants they use.)


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