The Garifuna

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To many of us in "advanced" and "environmentally aware" countries, the
sight of sea turtles being taken for
human consumption is appalling.

I agree, largely. I offered this man
$600 BZ to release the turtles. He
refused.  Before being critical, we
should examine why, and consider
carefully our economic advantages
and our own wasteful & excessive
consumption of resources.
Think of the greater numbers of
turtles our commercial fisheries
kill in their nets.


Turtle meat brings over $6 per pound in
Belize.  A powerful incentive in poor countries. Among these seafaring peoples, there is a long cultural tradition of harvesting the sea, especially prized conch and sea turtles. Quantities taken are small, and there are regulated seasons which are usually observed. 

Fortunately, The Nature Conservancy is actively educating the people about the economic advantages of conservation of species and alternative tourist related opportunities.   Support this effort with your tourist dollars and contributions to TNC.


Green sea turtles
coming in for the market.

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