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Maya Gold heliconia

.passiflora -


The IUCN says we need additional botanical gardens within the
tropics.  In a
tropical moist evergreen forest zone,  Heliconia
Haven has 30 acres and >400 species with expansions focused
on endangered / threatened plants.  Galleries, discussion, and lists follow with common names, scientific names, and uses.

Palms are a specialty with plans for some 120 species, of
which 80+ are now growing. We are also considering a
"Living Palm Museum."  Present plantings include many
varieties of tropical fruits, heliconias, passiflora, tropical trees (hardwoods, special use trees, flowering trees...),
native orchids, costus, and other interesting plants such as
Calathea insignis (image center-right).

I have collected, nurtured, and distributed hundreds of mahogany and other tropical seedlings.  We hope to inspire others, by example, to enhance land values and dietary diversity
by planting permanent crops (agroforestry).

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Calathea insignis


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