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A Neotropical Companion : An Introduction to the Animals, Plants, and Ecosystems of the New World Tropics
by John C. Kricher, Mark Plotkin

BelizeHank says:  Anyone with a serious interest in the tropics simply
must have this book. 
Costa Rican Natural History
by Daniel H. Janzen (Editor)

BelizeHank says:   More technical  than A Neotropical Companion, a superb reference book, readable enough for the amateur enthusiast, but definitely not for the casual reader.  My favorite book on the tropics.
Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas
by Andrew Henderson, Gloria Galeano (Editor), Rodrigo Bernal (Editor)

BelizeHank says:   The best reference book on palms that I have found.  Excellent keys to identification, many good photographs.  If you love palms, you should have this book.  That said, it is a bit difficult to navigate if you are not familiar with the scientific names and genera.
Palms Throughout the World
by David L. Jones, John Dransfield

BelizeHank says:   An efficient and succinct introduction to palms and their cultivation.  Fantastic illustrations depict scientific terms for palms, trunks, growth habits, leaf sheaths, palm leaves and structure, shapes of  leaves, leaflets, seeds, flowers and nomenclature of palm seedlings.  A wealth of technical information presented in a logical and easily absorbed manner.  Good photography, best value for seeing what many species look like.  Another must have book.
A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America
by Steven N. G. Howell, Sophie Webb (Contributor), Steve N. G. Howell

BelizeHank says: You need this book in southern Belize.
Belize and Northern Guatemala: The Ecotravellers' Wildlife Guide
by Les Beletsky

BelizeHank says: An excellent concise guide, combining essentials of mammals, reptiles, birds...
A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America & Southeast Mexico 
 by Fiona A. Reid

BelizeHank says:   More detail than the casual visitor needs, but the best available for its thoroughness.
The Butterflies of Costa Rica and Their Natural History : Papilionidae, Pieridae, Nymphalidae (The Butterflies of Costa Rica and Their Natural History
by Philio J. Devries, Philip J. Devries, Jennifer Clark

BelizeHank says:   A must for butterfly lovers in this region.  Excellent writing, though the ID plates are a bit small and faintly colored in the paperback edition - have not seen the hardcover.
Heliconia : An Identification Guide
by Fred Berry, W. John Kress

BelizeHank says:   I thought there was a newer expanded version out.  This one has excellent photographs, but does not include several of the species found in Belize.  A great first effort, and a very useful book for those enthralled by these dramatic plants.
Arboles de Costa Rica
by  Holdridge, L.R.; Poveda, L.J.
Centro Científico Tropical, San José (Costa Rica).

2. ed. ISBN 9977-75-003-3.
San José (Costa Rica). 1997. 522 p.

BelizeHank says:  If you can find it, and can read Spanish, this is a good reference book for the amateur or professional.
Butterflies of the World
by Valerio Sbordoni, Saverio Forestiero

BelizeHank says:  A stunningly beautiful book with a wealth of information .
This book would be a superb gift for a budding scientist/naturalist.
The Monkey Wars
by Deborah Blum

BelizeHank says: A very well balanced introduction to understanding how a few misguided scientists have abused animals and have caused equally misguided "animal rights" extremists to engage in counter-productive violent acts against any form of animal use in research.   A highly charged emotional issue that needs facts.  
Where Worlds Collide : The Wallace Line
by Penny Van Oosterzee

BelizeHank says:   Ordering "my" Christmas present today
Chamaedorea Palms the Species and Their Cultivation
by Donald R. Hodel

BelizeHank says: Unbelievably comprehensive, great photographs, very scientifically oriented - a bit difficult for a novice in terms of navigation, but incomparable as a source of information on these palms.  A must for any scientist working in neotropical botany.
At the Hand of Man : Peril and Hope for Africa's Wildlife
by Raymond Bonner

BelizeHank says:  A meticulously documented research into African wildlife conservation issues.  Sadly, in my opinion, it also shows how conservation organizations bend to popular public opinion rather than using their positions to educate the public on controversial issues - public opinion poll policy versus doing what their own research suggests is best, or as one reviewer put it, ..."decisions that more often have to do with fund-raising than with reality."
Perennial Edible Fruits of the Tropics : An Inventory (Usa029)
by Franklin Martin

BelizeHank says:   Poorly cross-referenced and organized, but still the best book on this subject.   Well worth looking hard for if you are interested in rare and unusual tropical fruits. 
Alfred Russel Wallace : letters and reminiscences
by Alfred Russel Wallace

BelizeHank says:   Never have seen it, but I would love a copy!

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