... Bird Stories

One of the most rewarding aspects of living at Heliconia Haven,
is the opportunity to so closely observe nature.  I have seen a long-tailed hermit hummingbird
come right up to the face of a guest, hover for many long and fascinating seconds, inches from her eyes,
before melting away into our verdant flora.  Often, I can see four different species of hummers at the same time.
I have also observed keel-billed toucans, a violaceous trogon, and parrots feeding simultaneously in one cecropia tree.
Other sightings have included the blue crowned mot-mot, the laughing falcon, 
the white hawk, the jabiru stork, the king vulture...and...there are those who doubt it - 
but with binoculars and bird book in hand, a perched harpy eagle.

Almost daily, one can find the fascinating white collared manakins, dancing on their leks!   
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And, for over four years, I have observed nesting under my thatch roof within a former oropendula nest
a mated pair of olive-backed euphonias, (photos above) with remarkable traits of avoiding predation.
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